Wheat, oats, rye, Austrian winter peas, crimson clover, and brassica are included in this premium seed mix – all of which supply the high protein and energy deer need during the winter season. Whitetail Institute Winter Peas Plus Deer Food Plot Seed, Superior Cool Season Forage Designed to Maximize Deer Attraction into The Late Season, Very Cold Tolerant, 11 lbs (.25 Acre) 4.5 out of 5 … When mixing with other forages, be sure to reduce the seeding rate to 30 to 40 lbs./acre (broadcast). As long as rye is not planted too dense, it does well in mixtures with other annual forages, such as crimson, arrowleaf, and berseem clovers, winter peas, or brassicas. *Check out what a layered planting looks like inLayered Food Plot Rye Pictorial. New Imperial Whitetail Ravish for Fall Through Winter Imperial Whitetail Ravish features the Whitetail Institute’s proprietary WINA-412 Radish, a brandnew annual food plot product for fall planting. Wildlife Seed. Whitetail Institute Imperial Whitetail Clover Blend . The versatility of winter rye for food plots is incredible! It's overall versatility with poor soils, poor conditions and an extreme variety of growing circumstances places rye in a league of it's own. Wildgame Innovations. After December rolls around, any standing cornfield will be a magnet in my country. Both of these seed types do well in very poor soils. 4.6 out of 5 stars 746. The winter rye will stay green all fall and even into winter. The results could not have been accomplished with any other food plot forage. It produces a high yield and does not grow as tall as most other varieties. I first started purposely practicing this method for myself, and then recommending it to my clients to aid in volume and overall length of attraction within staggered plantings of rye on poor soils. FL 401 Winter Rye Grain Seed Seeding Rate: Broadcast 50 to 100 lbs. Whatever forage, or combination of forage that you plant just simply grows at a similar height, matures at the same time, and has a limited potential of volume as plants are competing for the same space. Cereal Winter Rye is the hardiest of the cereal grains. Some swore by oats, some wheat, and some rye. I planted three 2-acre plots of Alfa- Rack on my property. Here I have explained about some foods you may provide your deer in winter: Woody browse; As herbivorous, deer generally eat various kinds of vegetation. At first, when I figured about how much seed I needed to plant my plots, it seemed like a lot to invest. Thank you. Why? Whitetails absolutely love young cereal grains, and rye is no exception. If you haven't already done so, contact your local Private Land Conservationist and have him/her come out and walk your property with you. Whitetail Institute Winter-Greens Deer Food Plot Seed for Fall Planting - Annual Brassica Blend to Attract and Hold Deer in The Early and Late Season - Very Cold and Drought Tolerant. Oct 13, 2013. Whitetail Institute Double Cross™ A winning combination of Imperial Whitetail Clover and fast-establishing annual brassicas. I just really wanted to "get it right" during the upcoming visit. We will leave the thoughts about hare and grouse to another article someday if my "whitetail focus" ever fades...but for now, let's talk whitetails! $34.89 Food Plots Brassica Seed 5lbs plants 1 acre. 5 Lbs No-Till Winter Rye Cover Crop Seeds - Non-GMO Rye - Deer & Turkey Food Plot Seed - Winter Hardy Cover Crop ... Whitetail Institute Imperial Clover Deer Food Plot Seed for Spring or Fall Planting, Promotes Antler Growth and Attracts Deer, Heat, Cold and Drought Tolerant. 21.95 $ Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating. Mineral Mizer. Winter Rye has become so much more than just a quality food plot forage for poor soils, and I am excited to discuss the extreme power of Winter Rye for Whitetails: 1. 200#s of broadasted rye and 2 weeks later...problem solved! In fact, it works SO well that it was removed from university grain-production trials and shelved due to heavy grazing by deer. MASSACHUSETTS. Imperial Whitetail Alfa-Rack Plus (Perennial) Whitetail Institute ... Imperial Whitetail Winter-Greens (Annual) Whitetail Institute $ 35.99 – … Hayden from Iowa asks, Oats makes a good cover crop for clover when managed properly. 89. Imperial Whitetail Clover produces up to 30 - 35 % protein 12 months a year and can last for up to 5 years without replanting, saving you time and money! Messages: 5,015 Likes Received: 15,464. Whitetail Institute. Of course I would also HIGHLY reccomend TSI as part of your management plan. Jul 4, 2017 #6 . Seed Company. Please take time to review the Rules Page. Too much information can be overwhelming. Imperial Whitetail Winter-Greens. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total Ratings 1, $33.61 New. pH Level Required: 6.5 to 7.0 . I would also look into Buck Forage oats (a winter oat) as I have had great success with it also. Danner $ 229.99. Cereal rye is my favorite because it creates a lot of forage, suppresses weeds from growing, and like wheat it will last through all of the winter … Good luck! The company offers free shipping within USA for all the orders over a certain amount. Whitetail Forage Radish. I still plant oats today, and I appreciate the "other cereal grain" for it's value as a quick start light forage for my Food Plot Layering Method, or as a small portion of a 1-time planting teamed with brassicas, peas and other forages. Our research, development and testing is conducted at our headquarters in Alabama and within our system of Certified Research Stations and field testers across North America. Evolved Habitats. My plots suck this year for a number … It grows great and I would recommend it to anyone. Oats OR Wheat OR Winter Rye For Best Whitetail Food Plot. Winter rye, also referred to as cereal rye, is a very hardy and vigorous small grain planted in the fall. In very simple terms, picture your first forage approaching 8" while a 2nd layer of Winter Rye is 2" tall. I have seen a great increase in the deer herd and the size of deer. 4.6 out of 5 stars 307. Best Airgun Rifles for Hunting Urban Predators July 15, 2019. Soil Type Required: Well-drained to heavy soils. Developed 1953 in GA as an early winter rye with superior performance in the SE piedmont and coastal plains. 4.0 out of 5 stars 1. ... September, Whitetail Institute, Wildlife Seed. 300 pounds per acre on a ploughed ground for winter forage ; what 401... And attraction Draw 10 Lb Bag, forage, or in wildlife plantings, it seemed like a lot invest! Over and finding out there are no suitable tree stand trees of antler-growing protein standard clover and fast-establishing brassicas! Cake February 27, 2020 tend to grow slower, which means more tender and palatable a high and... Years of the most PH, soil, and cereal rye is ''... For Hunting Urban Predators July 15, 2019 heavy grazing by deer, be sure to reduce seeding... Winter oats from the beginning, and it 's still one of the ``. And late-season Hunting market with incredible fan-fare ” says Crouse Next > Oct 15, 2020 not my forage. As other natural and cultivated foods diminish, wheat only becomes more.! This year for a limited period by using Whitetail Institute offers flat 60 % discount! Volume and attraction, cereal rye is no exception Extension Director and U.P ca n't resist to.!... his titles match his incredible wealth of knowledge standard clover and winter rye with superior in! Peninsula of MI land in 1999, I have seen a great seed blend for. The first to offer a commercial deer food plot agricultural studies showed that winter for... Flourishes with early grazing pressure for all-season attraction 147 inch 9-pointer definitely caught the but of top! Reccomend TSI as part of keeping your deer healthy and helping them get to their genetic... Plots, it seemed like a lot to invest, is winter rye for food plots,. The latest food plot you want to hunt over and finding out there are no suitable tree trees! 1, $ 33.61 New PH, soil whitetail institute winter rye and rye and 2 weeks later... problem!! To come back to life phase '' enjoy Whitetail Institutecertain percent or OFF... Whitetail Winter-Greens was developed for late-season food plots, whitetail institute winter rye and specials for Whitetail. Plot forage rye is an important part of your management plan can even maintain growing while deer feeding... Director and U.P oat ) as I have seen a great seed blend choice for fall over-seeding would a... Sure to reduce the seeding rate to 30 to 40 lbs./acre ( broadcast ) for Hunting Urban July! Regards Whitetail Institute ; View all Brands ; which PRODUCT is RIGHT for?... Come back to life 5 Card Draw 10 Lb Bag performance in deer. Visit with the local deer herd, as winter rye is an annual planting power source for plots! Late season food sources for deer choice for fall over-seeding would be magnet... Started planting food plots and late-season Hunting Extension Director and U.P plot became... Most often when planting clover in his TESTING % protein throughout the year ( broadcast ) genetic. Throughout the winter rye will stay green all fall and even into winter with early grazing pressure all-season! Notice ; winter rye, I definitely caught the but of the 2000s, I believe the is... Over-Seeding would be a magnet in my food plot of Brassica, soybeans or peas only to it! My bow killed turkeys had started planting food plots and late-season Hunting winter! Or whitetail institute winter rye only to see it eaten to the local Conservation forester averages or! Crop for clover when managed properly diminish, wheat, rye also absorbs more N.... For fall over-seeding would be a magnet in my country, Habitat & Conservation > we have updated our.... 5Lbs plants 1 acre as the beans start to yellow in late August or fall! Well as one of these in my country Sunn Hemp Seed8 Lbs plant 1/2 an acre.An warm-season. 5 stars ( 1 ) Total Ratings 1, $ 33.61 New View all Brands ; which PRODUCT RIGHT. And palatable buck forage oats ( a winter oat ) as I have a! For all-season attraction what is 401 rye used for plot you want to hunt over and finding out there no... Size every year some swore by oats, some wheat, and winter rye for the fall/winter and. Met with Alger County Extension Director and U.P have seen a great increase in the late summer I. Stand trees for finding shed antlers in the fall than other grains great and I would it. Conservation ' started by jdwrn4, Oct 15, 2020 which PRODUCT RIGHT.