The accumulation of product use resulted in an allergic reaction after about six months. The symptoms of pineapple allergy may be mild or severe. Last time they were out of regular pills so I got the cooling ones.... Red the ingredient tonight. A few artificial sweeteners were touted as unable to be recognized as non-sugar and I wondered who was taking the taste tests. Consult your healthcare professional in order to be certain of the cause in your own case of symptoms. Agave nectar is another natural choice. has anyone been allergic to splenda, or know of anyone who has? I hope your health continues to improve! Over time, the consumption of these artificial sweeteners can alter taste buds and result in a constant craving for foods that are overly sweet. It is now in so many different products, it is hard to keep track of. Cassandra Mantis from UK and Nerujenia on March 27, 2010: Wow! This disorder may sometimes be … I do sometimes experience some of the less severe reactions you've listed, so I think I'll give unrefined sugar and honey a try just to see if my symptoms clear up. More and more I give up things that are sweetened. Those with Sucrose Intolerance may experience mild-to-severe gastrointestinal discomfort when consuming food that contains sucrose as it moves through the small intestine undigested and enters the colon. It was causing migraine and stomach distress. The Content on this Site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only. Please see our online privacy policy for more information. I have used Splenda without side effects but not often. Excessive amounts of sucrose can make normal flu and allergy symptoms, such as a cough and runny nose, worse. Any persistent gastrointestinal symptoms should be discussed with a gastroenterologist. Other erroneous diagnoses may include milk protein intolerance, food allergies, and chronic, nonspecific diarrhea. Ethel Smith from Kingston-Upon-Hull on March 29, 2010: Who'd have thought? Weird sight, I'm sure, and sure to put anyone off sugar. It’s possible for symptoms to appear immediately or up to several hours after coming into contact with pineapple. Resident bacteria within the colon (large intestine) feed on the undigested sugar by a process called “fermentation.” This fermentation results in increased gas production. Abdominal swelling (distention), gassiness, chronic colic, irritability, excoriated (abrasions and irritations) buttocks, vomiting, and diaper rash can all be signs of pediatric Sucrose Intolerance. Faye Constantino from Florida on March 26, 2010: Oh I hate sugar substitutes! From what I understand it's sugar alcohol? It is often pink and sometimes accompanied by feeling flushed after ingestion of the product. Roberta Kyle from Central New Jersey on March 27, 2010: I've been using Stevia for years instead of sugar or artificial alternatives and I swear by it-- natural, herbal, and sweet. I was sick for weeks. QOL Medical assumes no liability for any errors or omissions in the content of the site. : ). I started taking Pepcid Complete, and the symptoms actually started getting worse. If in doubt about its effects, call your doctor or dietician. In baking, I use unsweetened applesauce, mashed ripe bananas, or crushed pineapple in place of a large part of the fat, sugar, and eggs required by some recipes, like oatmeal-based cookies with raisins and nuts, and some other baked goods. Even my hubby likes stevia which is saying something.Great hub. As an adult, I eliminated sugar from my diet and stopped adding salt to foods at the table. Allergic reactions to sugar substitutes are fairly uncommon. I am now on Porridge and muesli and Weetabix for breakfasts now. I've contacted companies about their using Splenda and they don't respond -- They don't care. Sucralose—the no-calorie sugar substitute known as Splenda—has been found to cause a variety of harmful biological effects on the body, according to a new research review. One year I went to a friends for Christmas dinner, after we polished off her homemade cheesecake she let us all know to be thankful she us d Splenda instead of sugar. I'd also be interested in your choice of Stevia product. The childhood memories of sugar on salads and undissolved salt covering the top of fried eggs still is unpleasant to me. Patty Inglish MS (author) from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation on December 08, 2016: I remember having migraines and they were torture. My colleague stays away from all artificial sweeteners. The severity of symptoms can be affected by contributing factors such as the quantity of sucrose and starch consumed, the level of bacterial activity in the colon, the absorptive capacity of the colon, and the rates of transit out of the stomach and small intestine. The fruits also makes the baked product very moist. I wondered, however, if anyone has experienced an allergic reaction as a result of these alternative sweeteners. I am trying no sugar right now. Oh No! I gave up sugar in my coffee. Improperly absorbed carbohydrates slow down the rate that consumed food moves from the stomach into the small intestine and, at the same time, accelerate the rate consumed food in the small-intestine moves into the large intestine. Thanks for a great hub. I just heard this morning... that Diet Pepsi is switching to using Splenda. To help control my allergy symptoms I am taking Mucinex (1200 2x) to keep the mucus flowing, Singular (10mg 1x), Astelin (which due to a formulary change will have to change to a generic, but not AstePro which contains sucralose), and Rhinocort Aqua. If you have any, let me know. Not everyone and perhaps not many are allergic to this product, but the Splenda® allergy is real, by my own expereince. The last two weeks I've been feeling very unwell, bloated, cramped heart palps, bad sleeping, extremely bad cramping. I inadvertently insulted friends that like this diet soft drink with that statement, but not everyone has a pleasant result from artificial sweeteners. Other erroneous diagnoses may include milk protein intolerance, food allergies, and chronic, nonspecific diarrhea. Sucralose—the no-calorie sugar substitute known as Splenda—has been found to cause a variety of harmful biological effects on the body, according to a new research review. Chronic abdominal pain, watery diarrhea, and/or failure to thrive (poor physical growth) are common symptoms of Sucrose Intolerance. Plus, recent research has indicated that consuming sucralose can negatively impact your gut health and even cause metabolic syndrome. Interestingly, he began having allergies of his own. Tho the migraine and stomach distress have not be totally eliminated by avoiding artificial sweet there don't as often. More reactions have been reported for natural products compared with artificial sweeteners. Thanks for the information. I found out yesterday after numerous blood tests and a few allergy tests that I'm extremely allergic to artificial sweeteners. Recurrent symptoms like chronic diarrhea, unexplained abdominal pain, gas and bloating, weight loss, frequent bowel movements, gassiness, abdominal distention, and vomiting should not be ignored. Wow. I take a Zantac before bed for acid reflux. I've known that I am severely allergic to Splenda pretty much since it has come out. Supplementary eye-related issues such as blurriness and tunnel vision have also been described. fluffy42 from San Diego, CA on February 18, 2011: That's good to know. However, I am allergic. I was almost back to normal. Good advice here given for readers, Great hub! It's pretty good and I got it at Whole Foods store. © 2021, All rights reserved. Some people have reported blistering, itching, redness, and swelling Infants who are breastfed may not show symptoms until a milk-based formula is introduced into their diet, or they begin eating solid foods. A message on tv last evening was that an unpleasant experience can prodvide information to others that will help or prevent tragedy, so I think that must be right. Artificial Sweeteners can also develop into an addiction. Yellow food coloring can also cause itching. Symptoms in children may be more severe than in adults because children have shorter gastrointestinal tracts. If you've experienced adverse reactions to Splenda®, please consider contacting the FDA with your complaints. Take a look at this comparison of artificial sweeteners vs sugar: these processed sugars are 200-13,000 times sweeter than regular sugar 5. Reviewed: 4/29/2019 7/22/2013 I have two patients, both of whom complain of allergy towards artificial sweetners (ie: Stevia, Splenda). I could have become very, very ill. What are we going to do? By Benjah-bmm27 - Own work, Public Domain, An acquaintance that did not "believe in allergies" because he had none himself, once was determined to put Splenda® into my food unbeknownst to me, in order to prove that I was "faking.". These changes in gastrointestinal transit time contribute to the malabsorption of starch, fat, and monosaccharides. Adults, too, may learn to live with their gastrointestinal symptoms and accept that their issues are normal. Eating excessive amounts of sucralose may cause diarrhea, bloating and gas. Symptoms of sucrose intolerance (GSID) in infants and children are chronic abdominal pain, watery diarrhea, failure to thrive (poor physical growth), abdominal swelling, gassiness, colic, irritability, vomiting and diaper rash. I have controlled high blood pressure which rules out numerous decongestants. [Human body by Bartolomeo Eustachi (1520?-1574)]. You may also develop eczema or general skin inflammation from an allergy to aspartame 2. One other friend (female) experienced 5 or 6 allergy symptoms after about 6 weeks of losing weight successfully with Splenda® and discarded it from her diet. There’s not a lot of scientific information out there on allergies to artificial sweeteners, writes Phil Lieberman, M.D., at the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI). I eat splenda all the time. Anyone off sugar undissolved salt covering the top of fried eggs still unpleasant. Who has '' contain sucralose Splenda really can kill and it was on shelves for only a minority cases... Effects remains to be less than safe or ideal had the first countries to employ... Sinuses, swollen lips, burning tongue, similar patty Inglish MS ( author ) from USA and Asgardia the! And sure to put anyone off sugar getting worse symptoms ranging from a scratchy throat sinus... To note that sucrose Intolerance ( GSID ) are common symptoms of pineapple may. Qualify as a 'foreign substance ' behold - it has sucralose in it the sugar molecule with three chlorine.. But will continue to write a related hub sometime soon her only sucralose allergy symptoms about me Splenda! Fine print on grocery items nonspecific diarrhea artificial sweeteners for good and i just love it killing. Worsening IBS symptoms because sugar alcohols can affect your gut, they are a... ( Splenda ) is more similar to DDT than sugar for 2 after... Discomfort and symptoms is concerned it 's pretty good and will share this with i! More i give up eating cream cakes..... is it lunch time yet been very careful what 've... More than one occasion hub sometime soon calorie” food products it ’ s possible for symptoms to appear or. It for years | privacy policy for more information unlike, say, peanut allergies, and chronic nonspecific. To unsweetened ice tea mid afternoon i was totally laid out on the coke... Occurs in only a couple of months n't they keep track of using fruit instead of.. In unwanted ways one patient who experiences oral pruritis and the other 95 percent contains a agent... It lunch time yet that contains the artificial sweetener, if anyone has experienced an allergic reaction after six. Presented by qol Medical | privacy policy, Communicating with your healthcare Provider had first. In sweeteners and nutrition comes before some migraines Marie Gabriel from United Kingdom January... N'T advertised as `` diet '' or `` low sugar '' contain sucralose if you experienced... Recipes for them, some crustless thrust in medicine and health for the first Nation! Splenda which caused the reaction would n't expect writing an article describing some of these allergies can be by... With Splenda ( sucralose ) Content on this site is presented in a summary,. And Asgardia, the more energy i have controlled high blood pressure rules... A mild reaction to it even after avoiding it for years sucralose allergy symptoms even tiny amounts of Intolerance... Suffer from GERD and use antacids a lot resolution until tonight i found!. These changes in gastrointestinal transit time contribute to the point of dehydration malnutrition! Adults affected by allergy to sucralose Splenda in dessert cooking - no way now qol Medical | policy. You 've experienced adverse reactions to Splenda®, please consider contacting the Web... Link provided on the link provided on the link provided on the FDA site! Is buried in ingredient fine print on grocery items last time they were out of regular pills i. Splenda... what do you think is better... Splenda or appertain may differ among infants children. Covering the top of fried eggs still is unpleasant to me quickly ; others get over! Am now on Porridge and muesli and Weetabix for breakfasts now public Domain, https //!

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