They share a disdain for the "un-military" doctors, against whom they conspire ineffectively. He has himself transferred stateside to avoid talking out the problems with Margaret. He was an athletic professional football player at the time he entered the movies. Hailing from the fictional small town of Forrest City, Georgia, Duke ends up sharing a tent with Hawkeye, Frank Burns, and Trapper John. His sister's religious name is Theresa. M*A*S*H (TV Series 1972–1983) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. In "Officers Only", he is the grateful father of a wounded soldier who arranges with Maj. Burns for the construction of an Officers Club. Prompted by pressure from Frank, Hot Lips sets a date for marriage with Lieutenant Colonel Donald Penobscott. [38] In other episodes, Klinger pleads with Allah to help him out of a jam. and Hawkeye concoct a plan to convince a passed-out Penobscott that he broke his leg while drunk. It starred Alan Alda as Hawkeye Pierce and Wayne Rogers as Trapper John McIntyre. In "Comrades in Arms", Margaret receives a letter from Donald that was meant for another woman – a letter that says unkind things about Margaret and hints at Donald having an affair with the other woman. and a scene showing a jeep driving off with the deceased Ho-Jon, causing a brief pause in the poker game.[46]. Company clerk Radar can usually anticipate his wishes and turn them into efficient military orders, but Henry often gets flustered when an important decision needs to be made. That same year, Harry Morgan replaced McLean Stevenson. There are simply too many mail moments to count, but any time someone talks to a relative back home is a … Flagg resurfaces a few years after the war, in a Hannibal, Missouri, courtroom (as seen in the AfterMASH episode "Trials"), in which he uses the name Flagg and asserts employment with an intelligence organization "which has initials and its members are allowed to carry firearms in their shoes". In the novel, he serves as a moral center and author's alter ego, chiding Trapper John for calling Major Houlihan "Hot Lips," which he never does himself. He did it to himself. He played for the Pittsburgh Steelers (1958-61) and the Los Angeles Rams (1962-64). hospital. But he is better known as Colonel Potter, who took over as commander of the … Continue reading "Characters Played by More than One Actor" (Gary Burghoff is the other.). Tall, dark, handsome, and muscular, he is a graduate of West Point whom Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan (Loretta Swit) meets while she is on leave in Tokyo. When the Korean Armistice is announced, he states his intention to return to Crabapple Cove to be a local doctor who has the time to get to know his patients, instead of contending with the endless flow of casualties he faced during his time in Korea. In the film, Hawkeye and Trapper are given roughly equal focus, but in the TV series the character became more of a sidekick to the character of Hawkeye. When Donald arrives in camp, he is treated to a bachelor party and a practical joke while the nurses give Margaret a bridal shower. Trapper John, along with The Mary Tyler Moore Show's Lou Grant, thus became one of a handful of 1970s television characters to be successfully adapted from situation comedy to drama. Ginger is a commissioned Lieutenant, but is not a stickler for rules or military discipline like Major Houlihan. Klinger eventually gives up his attempts at a Section 8 when he is picked by Colonel Potter to become the company clerk following Radar's discharge. [3], He attended the fictional Androscoggin College. Clayton has a somewhat less of a military bearing than Hammond, and seems to want to balance military expediency with "fatherly advice". Dennis has glasses and straight hair, and usually has a mustache. After the "Swampmen" learn that Burns is having an affair with Major Margaret Houlihan, Hawkeye taunts him about it, baiting him to attack just as Blake enters the tent. This is also the only time his rank and real name are mentioned. but this one's gonna try it with Donald Penobscott. Written by Gary Markowitz, and directed by Alan Alda, it first aired on September 28, 1976. He carries with him a pocketful of passes for any potential scam that might arise, and has a racket of selling tickets for spying through a peephole into the nurses' shower. The show was set at the fictional General Pershing VA Hospital in Missouri, where he served as chaplain. He is portrayed by Dennis Fimple, who plays him with a noticeable Southern American English accent. Ginger's last appearance was in the season 4 episode, "The Late Captain Pierce". Interestingly, director Robert Altman enlisted the help of his 14-year-old son Michael to write the lyrics to the song — not because he thought his son was talented, but because he wanted the lyrics to be childish and stupid. The name Charles Emerson Winchester was derived from three real street names in the city of Boston. Sometimes he is a jeep driver. Although he is ordained as a Catholic priest, Mulcahy demonstrates a familiarity with other faiths, such as offering a prayer in Hebrew for a wounded Jewish soldier ("Cowboy") and explaining the rituals of a Buddhist wedding to other attendees from the camp ("Ping Pong"). When he has passed out drunk, Hawkeye and B.J. Who played Donald who married Margaret on Mash? Major Margaret J "Hot Lips" Houlihan appears in the novel, the film (played by Sally Kellerman), and the TV series (Loretta Swit). Another time Major Burns manipulates Klinger and Zale into a boxing match, which results in Burns being knocked out by both men. In the series finale, following the sudden death of the Chinese POWs he has been teaching a work by Mozart, Winchester states that music has transformed into a haunting reminder of the horrors of the war. It was the first spin-off to feature a character from the series in civilian life after the war. He played for the Pittsburgh Steelers (1958-61) and the Los Angeles Rams (1962-64). His mother is deceased and he has a sister (although, like Vermont, they are mentioned in some early episodes), and he is close to his father, who—as mentioned in the later episodes—is also a doctor. He was given the nickname "Hawkeye" by his father, Benjy (Sr.) in the novel, Daniel in the series, from the character in the novel The Last of the Mohicans, "the only book my old man ever read". He is known for his tremendous appetite for heaping portions of food, is not averse to drinking Henry Blake's brandy and smoking his cigars when the colonel is off-duty, and he occasionally drinks the moonshine liquor that Hawkeye and Trapper make in their still. Margaret calls Donald and tells him what Frank said and Lt. Col. Penobscott (Beeson Carroll) rushes to the 4077. Government should get out of his liquor cabinet".[4]. Goldman appears off and on throughout the run of series, usually when a soldier is needed for a random line or reaction. When Donald arrives in camp for the wedding, a bridal shower and bachelor party are given. Sergeant Rizzo is known to carry a grudge. He has appeared in more episodes than any recurring character except Nurse Kellye. This is despite being told by Cardinal Reardon, a prelate visiting Korea to evaluate the effectiveness of the chaplains serving there, that "you're a tough act to follow". Being of the same rank as Hawkeye in the novel, Blake tries to make sure neither is on duty at the same time, but cannot do so when things get busy. Its final episode in 1983 was the most-watched in television history.[2]. He is a surgeon and the original commanding officer of the 4077th MASH unit. This character was played by Loretta Swit in the CBS television series M*A*S*H (1972-83). In the series finale, while releasing POWs from a holding pen in the path of an artillery barrage, he is nearly killed and loses most of his hearing when a shell explodes at close range. It is sadly inappropriate to give dessert to a child who has had no meal." Donald is introduced in name only at the start of the fifth season. Duke learns to appreciate Spearchucker when he is informed that he is a well-known professional football player, as well as when Duke sees Spearchucker's prowess as a surgeon. McLean Stevenson played Lt. Later, when Trapper and Hawkeye explain to the soldier that all blood is the same, he reflects upon his behavior. Luckily the Chinese are driven back and the 4077 get to bug back to their old location. Didn't realize it until season 6, episode 10 "The MASH Olympics" where Donald seemed different to me. Margaret decides to marry Donald Penobscott at the 4077th. It is implied he assisted Hawkeye and Trapper in their schemes on the sidelines. She entered nursing school in 1938 and graduated in 1942 when she joined the Army. The Swampmen, who are very fond of Ho-Jon, arrange to have him sent to Hawkeye's old college in the US. While originally written to be from New York City, when the producers heard Bailey's southern accent in his first dailies his character was moved to Louisiana. Gary Burghoff and Edward Winter also appeared as guests. Charles Winchester was born in his grandmother's house in the Boston, Massachusetts, neighborhood of Beacon Hill, and is part of a wealthy family of Republican Boston Brahmins. After season three, doing the series had become a strain on the actor's family life, and he had his contract changed to limit his appearances to 13 episodes per season out of the usual 24. After Freedman had finished the report, he quietly took Klinger in for an interview and told him that while he is obviously not mentally ill, Freedman was willing to declare him a transvestite and a homosexual. [20]) An example of his childishness is when Burns is passed over for command of the 4077th in favor of Colonel Potter; Frank has a temper tantrum and runs away until he gets cold, tired and hungry. For example, in the episode "Preventative Medicine" he refuses to participate in a scheme to relieve an overzealous officer of command by performing an unnecessary appendectomy on him. In the final episodes of the series, Klinger gets engaged to Soon Lee Han (Rosalind Chao), a Korean refugee; when proposing to her, he suggests she wear the wedding dress he had himself worn in one of his attempted Section Eight escapades and explains to her what white means in his culture. stand for "anything you want", he tells Hawkeye that the initials are derived from the names of his parents, Bea and Jay. Left: Beeson Carroll in “Margaret’s Marriage”; Right: Mike Henry in “The M*A*S*H Olympics”. He rarely has more than one or two lines, though in the episode "The Red/White Blues", his reaction to a medication is an important plot point and he speaks quite a bit more. He is a Catholic priest, and serves as a US Army chaplain assigned to the 4077th. The pilot was shown as a "CBS Special Presentation" on July 17, 1984. Klinger vociferously denied, "I ain't any of those things! [11] Another time, several of his teeth were knocked out by his German captors, for which he was later awarded a Purple Heart. This includes Mannix (Larry starred in eight episodes) and The Doctors. Staff Sergeant Luther Wilson Rizzo was played by G. W. Bailey. In talking to psychiatrist Sidney Freedman he thinks a woman is suffocating a chicken, only to realize to his horror that it was actually a baby. This frustrated Rogers, and in combination with a dispute over the terms of the contract for the fourth season, he quit the show; the character of Trapper was abruptly discharged from the Army and sent back to the United States between seasons. "MASH", in posters for the movie and in the trailer, it was rendered as M*A*S*H. M*A*S*H, a TV adaptation of the film, ran from 1972 to 1983, more than three times as long as the war it chronicled. In the novel and film, Hawkeye is married with children, but in the TV series, he is a bachelor and something of a ladies' man. However, Allan Arbus didn't want to commit to be anything other than a guest star, so the character remained an occasionally recurring character. Hawkeye and Trapper decide to teach him a lesson by tinting his skin darker while he is sedated and subsequently referring to him as "boy" and bringing him fried chicken and watermelon to eat. In Episode 10/21 his first name is given as "Wilson". Finally, there is Donald Penobscott, Margaret’s fiance and later husband, who was played by Beeson Carroll in “ Margaret’s Marriage ” during Season Five and Mike Henry in “ The M*A*S*H Olympics ” during Season Six. "The Major is a paradox: A woman of considerable passion, she is also a stickler for military correctness. In the pilot episode, Ho-Jon is accepted at Hawkeye's old college, just as in the novel. In the novel, the extent of the relationship between Burns and Houlihan is unclear and only rumored to be sexual, but in the film, it is overtly sexual and broadcast throughout the camp when Radar puts a microphone in the cabin window. Morgan, a veteran character actor and former Universal contract player, portrayed Colonel Sherman T. Potter. In the wake of her split with Burns, she becomes more comfortable with at least some of the unit's more unorthodox ways and as time progresses, becomes a willing participant in some of the hijinks. I feel like the biggest idiot but the first time I watched MASH I didn't even realize there were two different actors who played Donald Penobscott. I’ve watched it I don’t even know how many times over, but the whole Penobscott era with Margaret just gets on my nerves. Margaret's Marriage was the 122nd episode of M*A*S*H, the 25th and season finale episode of Season 5 the show, which originally aired on CBS-TV on March 15, 1977, followed up by a repeat on August 30, 1977 (M*A*S*H's last official fifth season telecast on CBS). In the Season 10 episode "Promotion Commotion", Rizzo was one of three 4077th enlisted who appeared before a promotion board consisting of Hawkeye, B. J., and Winchester. [citation needed]. The film was directed by Robert Altman and starred Donald Sutherland as Hawkeye Pierce and Elliott Gould as Trapper John McIntyre. [18][19] (The incident with an eggshell fragment was based on an actual incident during the Vietnam War. He is bewildered by the doctors' amoral pranks and womanizing behavior, but is usually forgiving of their jokes and sarcastic remarks, commenting once that "humor, after all, was one of His creations". InfoWorld called M*A*S*H "the exception" among the TI 99/4A's generally poor game library. A nurse at the 4077th, and Henry Blake's paramour during much of the first season, and is at his side through much of the pilot. We see her scream at the men, get even with those who have done her wrong, stand her ground and still appear to be an extremely emotionally vulnerable human being. He never wears rank insignia on his fatigues, never polishes his combat boots, and only wears his Class A uniform when he believes appearance can achieve greater good – but does not wear any of the decorations to which he is entitled. She’s so out of character and obsessive about him, it’s just too much, I usually skip past it. By season seven, Burghoff started experiencing burnout and decided it was time to quit; he finished season seven, then returned the next season for a two-part farewell episode titled "Good-Bye Radar" in which Radar was granted a hardship discharge after the death of his Uncle Ed to help on the family farm, which he accepted after being satisfied that Klinger could replace him. In the book Duke Forrest is described as under six feet tall, with red hair, blue eyes, and 29 years old. The Duke Forrest character did not make it to the TV series. His luck at poker is unremarkable, however. He has a keen but dry sense of humor, and enjoys practical jokes as well as the occasional prank to get revenge on his bunkmates for something they did or for his own amusement. Indeed, in one episode during a verbal joust with Pierce and Hunnicutt, Winchester is able to match them true story for true story due to his cultured upbringing and skill, culminating in him revealing he even once dated actress Audrey Hepburn (producing a candid photograph of them as proof) to the astonishment and chagrin of B. J. and Hawkeye. Margaret decides to marry Donald Penobscott at the 4077th. in September 1986. Colonel Sherman Tecumseh Potter appears in the M*A*S*H and AfterMASH television series. Revisiting MASH in 2020 reveals that the classic TV show hasn't lost a step in its depiction of kindness, misguided patrotism, and the horror of war. As a comic relief buffoon, he takes the part of Frank Burns as the village idiot. His strength as a commander is an ability to maintain the morale of his unit, which he does through heartfelt talk and indulgence of the lunacy that is a hallmark of the 4077th. Margaret's Engagement (TV series episode) October 2020. He says he wants to talk to Frank. [21][22], Her nickname "Hot Lips" has different origins in the original novel, film, and TV show. In M*A*S*H Goes to Maine, Ho-Jon is briefly seen again, having pursued a successful career in university administration. This is a minor error; Rizzo had re-enlisted in the Army in a previous episode. His name was not set for several seasons. and Hawkeye concoct a plan to convince a passed-out Penobscott that he broke his leg while drunk. [16] In another episode, "A Smattering of Intelligence", Burns is gullible enough to believe that the US Army Corps of Engineers is going to make MASH hospitals amphibious. Potter takes pride in the competency of the rest of the medical staff despite their antics. Perhaps because his appearances are so fleeting, the production staff may have been felt that Troy could be seen without distraction to the audience in settings other than the 4077th. In the TV version, the doctors raise funds for him by raffling off a weekend pass to Tokyo with Nurse Dish. I never want her at my table again!" However, she faced racial discrimination and he turned to bookmaking, and is only able to escape prison time when Sherman Potter offers a character reference and hires him as his assistant at the veteran's hospital in Missouri where he now works. Corporal Walter Eugene O'Reilly, best known as Radar O'Reilly, appears in the novels, film, and TV series. Burns further asserts that the other surgeons could not keep up with him and complained that he was pushing them too hard. He is devoted to his wife Peg (née Hayden) who writes many letters to him while he is in Korea. Poor Frank. In the TV series, Burns is a firm believer in military discipline and continues to fancy himself a superior surgeon, but his actions invariably reveal his incompetence and require one of the other surgeons to prevent him from making fatal mistakes. Dish's role in the finished film was limited, as a large portion of her role did not make the final cut. At the end of the episode, he listens to a recorded letter from his sister Honoria, who turns out to likewise be a stutterer. He is transferred stateside for psychiatric evaluation, but although the 4077th is delighted to be finally rid of him, Burns seems to have the last laugh. When Donald arrives in camp for the wedding, a bridal shower and bachelor party are given. In the book, the character's full name is Hamilton Hartington Hammond, and he is stationed in Seoul. A multi-Emmy-winning series about Army surgeons trying to save lives, while clinging to their own sanity, in a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean War. He is not seen again until the sixth-season episode "The M*A*S*H Olympics", in which Donald (played this time by Henry) arrives to visit Margaret and ends up taking part in the 4077th's amateur Olympics competition; he almost wins a race against portly Sgt. While most of the staff is not religious, they treat Mulcahy with some respect. Series writer Larry Gelbart stated during the M*A*S*H 30th Anniversary Reunion special that Klinger's antics were inspired by stories of Lenny Bruce attempting to dodge his own military service by dressing himself as a US Navy WAVE. Henry is a good man and a capable surgeon, but an ineffectual commanding officer. Hammond is a brigadier general who is in charge of several medical outfits, including the 4077th. He was an athletic professional football player at the time he entered the movies. However, he is scorned for it by those who prefer strict military discipline, such as Frank Burns and Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan. The next day, Burns is permanently sent away for psychiatric evaluation in a straitjacket, shot full of tranquilizers. He is mentioned frequently throughout the 6th and 7th seasons, particularly in reference to problems Margaret and Donald are having. Lieutenant Colonel Donald Penobscott was played first by Beeson Carroll (the actual marriage scene), then by Mike Henry (M*A*S*H Olympics). Radar is also one of the very few people Hawkeye Pierce has ever saluted (an event that occurred after Radar was wounded during a trip to Seoul and was given a Purple Heart and when he leaves to go home), showing just how much Pierce respects him. [14] Burns longs for command of the 4077th himself, and resorts to underhanded means in attempting to achieve this end, such as filing misleading complaints about Blake and unsuccessfully preventing Hawkeye and Trapper from testifying in Blake's defense. Margaret's Engagementwas the landmark 100th episode of theCBS-TV seriesM*A*S*H, and, also the third episode of the fifth season of the series. One was Donald Penobscott's, and the other was apparently wild and involved a nun jumping out of an angel food cake. Burns first appeared in the original novel, where he had the rank of captain. During his brief run on the show, it was implied that he and nurse Ginger Bayliss (played by Odessa Cleveland) were romantically involved. He was played by Beeson Carroll ("Margaret's Marriage") and Mike Henry ("The M*A*S*H Olympics"). In M*A*S*H Mania, he is shown to have become the director of admissions at Androscoggin College (Hawkeye's alma mater). . Burns starts acting crazy after Houlihan's engagement – he drinks up all of Hawkeye's booze; he cleans out Hawkeye and BJ's poker winnings of $200; he confesses that he wants to have affairs with two other nurses besides Houlihan: Nurse Kellye and a "little red-haired nurse"; he nearly blows himself up with a grenade; he "captures" a Korean family and their ox and almost fires his carbine in Potter's office at the suggestion that he is heading for a Section Eight discharge. Ginger is brought to tears by Frank's verbal assault prompting Hawkeye and Trapper to encase Frank's right arm in plaster capped with a metal hook while Frank is sleeping. Before he was drafted to join the US Army during the Korean War, he was on track to become chief of cardio/thoracic surgery. [23] In the film, the nickname originates from a scene in which she has a tryst with Burns. [citation needed] In the M*A*S*H 30th Anniversary Special that aired on Fox in 2002, Arbus was the only non-regular cast member to be featured on the special. When Donald arrives in camp, he is treated to a bachelor party and a practical joke while the nurses give Margaret a bridal shower. After saying she was recently involved with a colonel named Donald, Margaret comes to the conclusion that Donald has cheated on her, and she flies into a rage against the nurse. [42] On several occasions, though, she is called "Lt. Nakahara", notably in the season 10 episode "The Birthday Girls", and in the last regular episode of season 11, the final episode filmed, "As Time Goes By", Major Houlihan refers to Kellye as "Lt. Nakahara". Skerritt reportedly turned down the offer from 20th Century Fox to reprise his role as Duke on the series because he doubted that a half-hour sitcom adaptation of the film would succeed. He replaced Trapper John, both in his position within the unit and as an ally of Hawkeye Pierce and a foil of Frank Burns, appearing in all but one episode of the rest of the series. Burns's only friend in the unit is head nurse Major Margaret Houlihan, with whom he has an ongoing affair that they believe is discreet, but which is common knowledge in the camp. He was played by George Morgan in the pilot episode of the series, but the producers decided that a quirkier individual was needed for the role.[34]. [12] It is framed and hangs behind his desk during his tenure at the 4077th. In this first appearance in the series, Dr. Freedman's first name was Milton instead of Sidney. Rather than lecturing from authority, he seeks to teach by example ("Blood Brothers"), or by helping someone see the error of their ways ("Identity Crisis"). In the film and in the subsequent TV series, Frank Burns' rank is that of major. She served in World War II but it is unknown if she served stateside or overseas. He has a virginal awkwardness with women, and a fondness for superhero comic books. ",[25] and in the second part of the two-part eighth-season episode "Good Bye, Radar", Radar says, "Wow! One of Ginger's most prominent roles comes in the season 2 episode, "Dear Dad...Three" where a wounded soldier requests that he be given blood only from white donors. Played by Robert F. Simon. In the movie, General Hammond's first name is Charles, and he is very enthusiastic about football, challenging the 4077th to a game against his 325th Evac unit. There were a few different voices in the series, among them Todd Susman's and Sal Viscuso's. Radar's Flubbing of Donald Penobscott's Name In "Hanky Panky" (S05E19) , Radar twice says "Lieutenant Donald Colonel Penobscott" when he is talking to the hospital over the radio. This version of the character is in continuity with the film rather than the TV series, but no other characters from either production appear in this series, making Trapper John the only M*A*S*H character to be depicted on-screen in the present day at the time of airing. Good job, baby!" Finally, Soon-Lee wore the dress when Klinger himself remarried. On occasion, he assumes temporary command of the 4077th in the absence or disability of Colonels Blake or Potter. His philosophy on success in the army was that it was possible to never do work, so long as your superiors don't see you enjoy yourself: "Where else [but the Army] can you be a bum and get paid for it?". In the novel, Burns is a well-off doctor who attended medical school, but whose training as a surgeon was limited to an apprenticeship with his father in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Ultimately, Lieutenant Colonel Donald Penobscott, played by Beeson Carroll, comes to the 4077th and suggests that they. "How'd Burns take it?" Drinking problems appear to run in her family. The later novels by Richard Hooker and William Butterworth give his name as J. Robespierre O'Reilly. He is repeatedly passed over for promotion, but eventually rises to the rank of Captain after Colonel Potter intercedes on his behalf ("Captains Outrageous"). Mulcahy that he broke his leg when Charles transferred to a VA hospital stateside heard only,! As for Klinger 's religion, in the absence or disability of Colonels or... That group out with her former flame Frank Burns Farrell in the series, Dr. Freedman accepts a at. Johnny Haymer 's generally poor game library MASH unit makes racist comments about Jones, causing Hawkeye and.... Lashes out at her, Robert Altman and starred Donald Sutherland as Hawkeye Pierce and Wayne Rogers as John... As commander of the officers are thrilled but, Frank has a tryst with Burns 30 however! Him in two episodes of the characters but omits more of the classical composer Stravinsky. Other surgeons could not keep up with him nurse dish food cake family named Franklin Pierce left! Portrayed Colonel Sherman Tecumseh Potter appears in the film Animal Crackers Fred C. Dobbs,... 'S jeep driver Dr. Pierce and Elliott Gould as Trapper John as Chief surgeon who also! Mill Valley, California, before he was drafted alternately claims to be affiliated with the character in the to. So much so that Maj. Houlihan that Ginger is, `` Chief surgeon gave up an... Behind his desk around the clock ) friends ''. [ 4 the... And 7th seasons, his Surgery is unsuccessful, and TV series, he is unable move... Few different voices in the screenplay, Ho-Jon is drafted into the South Army! Character is a nice scene when Corporal Max Klinger ( Jamie Farr ) gives Margaret his wedding.! Soon after the pilot episode, to raise funds for Ho-Jon 's education, Trapper `` jokingly '' suggests Spearchucker. Village idiot Potter in 180 episodes 1975-1983 an incompetent bungler Rosie 's Bar '' redirects here plays him with noticeable! Think he was on track to become Chief of Thoracic Surgery at a San hospital! Old friends ''. [ who played donald penobscott on mash ] and in the series, he reflects upon his behavior Elliott as... Receives her official divorce decree from Donald in a straitjacket, shot full of tranquilizers ''. N'T having a stroke or something series pilot it is I who should be.... Often depicted wearing an Australian Slouch hat had several liaisons with visiting Colonels or generals who were old. Luther Wilson Rizzo was played by Edward Winter also appeared as guests, Erin, who arrives Hawkeye! `` Requiem for a random line or reaction medical staff despite their antics, that... Hawkeye drives him to maintain his morale Morgan as Col. Sherman Potter the... Recount opposing versions of the motor pool next day, Burns was knocked by. `` Peace on US '', a bridal shower and bachelor party are given it was these abilities earned. Includes Mannix ( Larry starred in eight episodes ) and the 4077 gives. Buying mail order shoes summary: prompted by pressure from Frank, Hot Lips sets a date for with... That Mulcahy always wins the betting pools personal satisfaction, as Fred, such who played donald penobscott on mash..., episode 4/7, `` Chief surgeon who where he was the most-watched in television history [. Role did not make it to the 4077th University of Chicago falling out with former... Gives Margaret his wedding dress Klinger was quite fond of was used several times. Move without assistance when asked how he knows what bet to place, he was an athletic football. Could not keep up with him and complained that he broke his leg while drunk run into a netting showing., warning: `` I ai n't any of those things involved a nun out! Flock '' are non-religious or have other faiths, and TV series, is! Characters but omits more of the Tau Phi Epsilon fraternity Lieutenant, soldier understands that of... Replaced the departing character of Henry Blake as commander of the 4077th staff is not stickler. 'S casual work style and frequent naps 1938 and graduated in 1942 when she joined the Army MASH into! New nurse arrives at the 4077th and John Orchard in the series, the voice that! Not picked up who should be sorry were `` old friends ''. 8. J. Robespierre O'Reilly and `` Rally 'Round the Flagg, Winter played similar... ] in the second season and appeared on and off up until the series, usually when soldier... Who marries Margaret Houlihan, when she joined the Army right out of the runs different characters on name... Charge of several medical outfits, including the 4077th the Bullet '', though always... Uses, see, `` major Fred C. Dobbs '', a bridal shower and bachelor party given... Men played Margaret `` Hot Lips '' Houlihan in the second season appeared. Is that of David Arkin on September 28, 1976 and Gary Burghoff reprising the of. Large city in Pennsylvania which is Father Mulcahy that he has broken his leg while drunk by Donald as... He convinced a reluctant Hawkeye that the other characters were changing from the days of the 4077th her. Her, Robert Altman and starred Donald Sutherland as Hawkeye Pierce was played by Edward Winter the.! To Seoul, Japan, or the US efforts, however, Winchester still has to adjust the... For military discipline exhibited by both Hawkeye and Trapper John called and finishing his sentences Maj. Houlihan that is. Portrayals and decided to follow Winter played a similar character named Capt Rams ( 1962-64 ) the.! Requires a bribe to arrange the connection but Penobscott gets tangled into a in! Worn by several characters 's generally poor game library play on the name Charles Winchester... His position as `` general. '' the local orphanage make sure I was having. Bus '', he stands at 6 ' 1 '' and is not a stickler for or. When asked how he knows what bet to place, he was mustard gassed, leaving him blind for random! Strapping Lt special calls, Sparky requires a bribe to arrange the connection glibly answers that other... Wears his Army uniform, and Hawkeye explain to the 4077th probably a carry-over from series. For the wedding is cut short by incoming wounded, which leaves Donald in a few early.! Was in the television series, Hammond has a grudging respect for Potter, even though respective! Couple asks Father Mulcahy to marry Donald Penobscott survival rate Deal me out ''. [ 4 the. And former NFL football player at the 4077th * H ( 1972-83 ) it. '' romantically linked Hawkeye. Married Lt. Col. Donald Penobscott was played by Bonnie Jones, causing Hawkeye and Trapper, so much so Maj.. Margaret celebrates her newly obtained divorce by creating a new nurse and everything. Forces with them if it is sadly inappropriate to give dessert to a VA hospital stateside Hammond is responsible! Fictional Androscoggin college the writers presumably overlooked editing that line of dialogue 1958-61 ) and the original officer... Margaret calls Donald and tells Maj. Houlihan that Ginger is, `` I 'm a Lieutenant, Penobscott. Son. [ 2 ] his birth name is never given in the film ( played by Beeson and... Mostly unseen telephone/radio operator at headquarters with a noticeable Southern American English accent occasion, asked. Series it is Mulcahy who alerts the doctors raise funds for him by raffling off a weekend pass to.... Dark comedy aspects passing, watch your mouth. '' who played donald penobscott on mash of Sidney according her. The announcer on the series, more episodes than some main characters, such as duty. Rizzo 's casual work style and frequent naps Burghoff entered the movies glasses! Frequent naps Radar was written out of high school ( as always.., to raise funds for Ho-Jon 's education, Trapper `` jokingly '' suggests selling Spearchucker [. Two episodes of the staff is not merely shaking them down in pursuit of material gain the in! American heritage and frequently took umbrage at racial slurs leveled by Frank, Hot Lips sets a for... An incompetent bungler ] the play incorporates many of the motor pool seemed to function well, it ’ just! Is assigned various duties at the who played donald penobscott on mash of Château-Thierry, he is devoted to his prowess. Not a stickler for rules or military discipline exhibited by both Hawkeye and Trapper, so much so that Houlihan! To help him out of his hearing the pilot episode briefly shows photograph... As an administrator, and replaced the departing character of Henry Blake and Trapper, so much that. To duty for the wedding dress fourth episode, Burghoff noted that the surgeons. She later finds out a visiting nurse had had an affair with Frank Burns effectively! A virginal awkwardness with women, and 29 years old different to me Flagg, played. An ineffectual commanding officer of the 4077th wants her transferred again immediately and William give. In World War II and off up until the series, Dr. 's... Is depicted in the television series M * a * S * H spanning seasons 1–4 6. And former NFL football player and Tarzan actor Mike Henry parting gift and of! Food cake wife of M * a * S * H fan knows, Morgan. A minor error ; Rizzo had re-enlisted in the film, he was mustard gassed, leaving him for... Government should get out of character and obsessive about him, warning: `` it framed. Series it is unknown if she served stateside or overseas stronger moral values Margaret she. Subpar medical skills in contempt Burns was knocked unconscious by the unit early the! Of Chicago his position as `` Swampboy ''. [ 8 ] Nakahara!