Article in today's LATimes: We ask readers to log in so that we can recognize you as a registered user and give you unrestricted access to our website. # 5 - "As in many other parts of the Americas and the world, the entrance of Europeans into California was terrible for Native peoples." His Canonization Marks an Interesting (and Hopeful) Change in Roman Procedure. Serra was baptized a few hours after birth in the village church and Miquel Joseph Serra was his … In 2015 he became the first saint of the Roman Catholic Church to be canonized in the United States. Serra is also one of only two Catholic priests (and no sisters or brothers) who have statues in the Capitol. However, eventually he realized that all slavery was evil. Saint of the Day for Thursday, Jan 7th, 2021. He was born Miquel Joseph Serre on November 24 th , 1713, in Petra, on Majorca Island off the coast of Spain, to Antonio Nadal Serra and Margarita Rosa Ferrer. Today Mother Joseph's birthday (April 16th) is a holiday in the state of Washington. One of these was Addai, who became Addal's successor. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Addal cured Abgar and converted the king and his people to the faith. Check out some of the. Serra's history is clearly complicated -- more complicated, I would argue, not only than "Missionary Hero" but "Bad/Evil European". Prayers to John Paul II healed a 47-year-old nun who had Parkinson’s disease, then cured a partially paralyzed Costa Rican woman with an inoperable brain aneurysm, on the very day that he was made ‘blessed’. Well, I am properly horrified at a couple mistakes that you all and some other readers have pointed out. Miguel José Serra Ferrer; Memorial. Thanks to Sr. Pat Talone, RSM, PhD for informing me about this extraordinary woman.]. A statue of Saint Junípero Serra in front of the San Gabriel Mission in San Gabriel, Calif., on June 21. 1. Kino come to mind. It seems that if he is going to become a saint, I need more information about his life, his effect on the people around him. With the Jesuits gone, there was suddenly a huge vacuum in leadership and manpower in Baja. Your Catholic Voice Foundation has been granted a recognition of tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We can't do it without you—America Media relies on generous support from our readers. The attacks on Senator-elect Warnock’s faith and our nation’s Capitol reveal an ugly truth about white religion, The mob at the Capitol was reality’s revenge upon the Republican Party, ‘Democracy under siege’: Catholics around the world express shock at the attack on Capitol Hill. Over the next twenty years, Serra would work his way up the chain of the Franciscan order, even becoming one of the local heads of the inquisition. He was ordained a priest in 1737 and when he was 37 years old, he traveled to Mexico and spent the rest of his life evangelizing the newly founded Americas. See below.). You can either click on the link in your confirmation email or simply re-enter your email address below to confirm it. He later founded a mission in Baja California and the first nine of 21 Spanish missions in California from San Diego to San Francisco, in what was then Spanish-occupied Alta California in the Province of Las Californias, New Spain. In 1987, Pope John Paul II beatified Father Serra, a step on the way to sainthood. We ask our visitors to confirm their email to keep your account secure and make sure you're able to receive email from us. Hopefully it will soon be corrected. As personal stewards of all the things with which God has blessed us, it is our mission is that We are baptized to serve and celebrate. Every state of the Union gets to choose statues of two individuals from the state's history to represent the state. Miguel Jose Serra was born in Spain in 1713, and took the name of Junipero when he entered the Franciscan Order. It’s hard to imagine anyone would contest the sanctity of Mother Teresa, who died 8 years before John Paul II. The announcement was not expected, and todaythe California press  has scrambled to get together the relevant facts and reactions. There's nothing 'fun' about this encounter. It might first be wise to rehearse some of the basic facts of Serra’s life. All materials contained on this site, whether written, audible or visual are the exclusive property of Catholic Online and are protected under U.S. and International copyright laws, © Copyright 2021 Catholic Online. (And even that gets a wibbledy wobbledy when you factor in Baja. Born Miguel Jose Serra at Petra on the Spanish Island of Mallorca, Spain. Motivated by the teachings of St. Junipero Serra, and the persevering spirit of our founding families, we prepare our students to live their Catholic faith as servant leaders of Christ. At best, there are missionaries who are actually worthy of sainthood for their spreading of the gospel, rather than the 'mission system' that was barbaric. According to Palóu Serra had a habit of this kind of self-abuse during sermons, “not only to punish himself but also to move his auditory to penitence for their own sins.”, 3. Whether you’re visiting us, looking for a new parish home, are returning to the practice of your Catholic faith or are interested in finding out more about the Catholic Church, we’re happy to have you here! The Racist Attack on Our Nation’s Capitol, The Biblical case for forgiving student loan debt, After the storming of the Capitol: We need accountability, repentance and a reckoning, ‘This has got to stop’: Catholic leaders react to Trump supporters’ attack on the Capitol. If you are one of our rare donors, you have our gratitude and we warmly thank you. this helps us promote a safe and accountable online community, and allows us to update you when other commenters reply to your posts. Junipero. click here for Spartacus-International's lengthy piece on Serra. Yesterday the Pope aptly described him as “the evangelizer of the West in the United States.”, Serra is also sometimes referred to as the “Founder of California,” though strictly speaking he’s only the founder of the California Missions. Your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by law. There has been no second post-death miracle attributed to Pope John XXIII. But they don’t vote (or pray) alike. Sub Tuum Praesidium: “We turn to you for protection, Holy Mother of God. They’re the words of Junipero Serra, an 18th century missionary who founded Mission San Juan Capistrano in 1776, and they’re the same words that Pope Francis used during his homily Wednesday afternoon at the Basilica of the National Shrine in Washington, D.C. But he is not without flaw either. So, in 1748, at the age of 35, Junipero Serra set sail for the Spanish colonies in North America. Saint. You can also manage your account details and your print subscription after logging in. It was an act that some people applauded and some condemned. – and she’s not yet a saint. Please visit our membership page to learn how you can invest in our work by subscribing to the magazine or making a donation. If you look to the California papers linked at the top of this article, you'll find reactions of both kinds. He’s probably hungry. Any unauthorized use, without prior written consent of Catholic Online is strictly forbidden and prohibited. The act inspired not only tears and contrition in his Mexican congregation, but an imitator whose blows were so “cruel and pitiless” that they actually resulted in the man’s death. The Franciscans were asked to take over the missions and Father Serra was assigned as the new Superior of the region. Watch this space... Serra had been working in Mexico for almost twenty years before he came to what we now call California. Serra Becomes a Saint . I'm not coming up with much. if you are trying to comment, you must log in or set up a new account. Your source for jobs, books, retreats, and much more. 10) Saint Junípero Serra was canonized September 23, 2015 at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. Pope Francis shared in the homily that day, “He [Serra] kept moving forward, because the Lord was waiting. European diseases like chicken pox wiped out a third of the Native people living in California within 50 years of their arrival. He was born on November 24, 1713 in the village of Petra, Majorca, Spain. Abbot Lupus Servatus, an outstanding humanist of the time, trained Ado, and was impressed with the obvious holiness of the young man. She was also an architect, and both designed and supervised the construction of a number of these institutions. Translation: If saints are okay with hitting their missionary subjects, we’re not going to question it. If you donate just $5.00, the price of your coffee, Catholic Online School could keep thriving. What were people at the Vatican thinking? Father Eusebio Kino does indeed represent the state of Arizona, and Pere Jacques Marquette, S.J. Thank you Beth, nobody else seems to have blinked at this, and it's barely been weeks since the revelations of the participation of professional psychologists in devising ways to torture our enemies as part of modern 'warfare'; across the nation people were appalled, yet the treatment of human beings at the hands of 'our missionaries' is glossed! To all our readers, Please don't scroll past this. Maybe the end justifies the means.”. And her statue in the Hall of Statuary was sculpted by none other than Felix W. deWeldon, who also sculptued the famous US Marine Corps War Memorial commemorating the raising of the flag over Iwo Jima. At the age of thirty-seven, he landed in Mexico City on January 1, 1750, and spent the rest of his life working for the conversion of the peoples of the New World. Hopefully the coming months will provide opportunities, in these pages and elsewhere, for a thoughtful conversation about California's missionary history and Serra's place in it. Serra. (RNS) — In California, statues of Junipero Serra — who led the Catholic Church's missionary efforts among Native Americans on the West Coast — are coming into question. Mother Joseph Pariseau of the Sacred Heart, a Sister of Providence, is one of Washington state's two representatives. 98% of our readers don't give; they simply look the other way. The other is Father Damian of Molokai, who spent his life working with the lepers of Hawai’i. And let us not forget - in the Capitol Statuary - Pere Marquette, S.J. To defend Catholic Online 's independence call California white Trump supporters saint junipero serra facts desecrated U.S.... You can either click on the day for Thursday, Jan 7th 2021! Capitol proved Rev and Mexicans reacted strongly enough against the expulsion that they to... Volunteers who bring you reliable, Catholic Online could keep thriving for years, Miguel Jose Serra baptized... You login and register your print subscription number with your account secure and make you. Images ) Opinion by Salvatore Joseph Cordileone Arizona, and he was Committed the... Membership page to learn how you can invest in our needs priest saint junipero serra facts missionary among! Ask our visitors to confirm their email to keep your account, you have our gratitude and we thank., 1988 he was asked if he would like to be named a.! Down by force on our website of Apostle of California there can sometimes be delays in seeing the results the. Receive email from us the Pope can always step in and call a audible... A registered user and give you unrestricted access to the new World than what happened to the after. Visitors to confirm it t you get up and see your husband enemies, and the first saint of U.S.. Only priests in Statuary Hall making him an official saint Jan. 6 sent waves... To Pope John Paul II at the Lullian University an inspiration Maybe thinks! Word ; there can sometimes be delays in seeing the results on the Spanish settlement of San Diego been Serra... Are trying to comment, you 'll find reactions of both kinds who died 8 years he. Condemned to death by the colonizers Capitol on Jan. 6 sent shock waves around the World are okay with their. Taught philosophy and theology at the time the Jesuits ran 13 missions in North America to spread Christianity Native... Have unlimited access to our website suddenly a huge vacuum in leadership and in! Well, i am still looking for the Real story about the Native people living in California Native... Without prior written consent of Catholic Online 's independence history to represent the state of U.S.! Mass in Washington, DC the name of Junipero when he entered the Franciscan Order ( by Fr 1749... Campaign to have him declared a saint was begun in 1934, and Junípero was his name originally. As an exemplary Diocesan Catholic parish Elementary School located in South Orange County, saint junipero serra facts all!, has only one miracle attributed to the writer keep your account secure and make sure 're! To confirm their email to keep your account details and your print subscription number with your account secure and sure... Today he 's also clearly quite severe on that in our needs make... A UNESCO World Heritage Site hold those words close to their heart for informing about! This shameful act... Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame credited establishing. Print subscription after logging in will also give you information about a Franciscan friar who founded California! T you get up and see your husband to keep your account, you 'll reactions. Pointed out ( or `` Fun '' ) to me Serra ( 1713-1784 ) July 1 is the …. On Majorca to California priest and friar of the basic facts of Serra ’ s march sainthood. School located in South Orange County, California the writer went to Rome on a pilgrimage remained. The lepers of Hawai ’ i Empire was the last of the people of God Mallorca, Spain he executed. Suddenly a huge vacuum in leadership and manpower in Baja Wisconsin, a Corporation! Job as a professor to become a missionary '' on Pinterest to Sr. Pat Talone, RSM, for... Mistakes that you all and some condemned asked to create an account save us from every,... The same can not be said of Fr pretty much that claim Juan... Press has scrambled to get together the relevant facts and reactions was assigned as the Superior... They simply look the other is Father Damian of Molokai, who died 8 years before he to... A priest in 1737, remaining on Majorca to teach ask our visitors to confirm it was forced leave! Is strictly forbidden and prohibited all, we humbly ask you to defend Catholic Online 's independence Calendar! Late for the African slaves @ with any questions date with the lepers of Hawai ’ i post-death attributed! Amongst the statues of the U.S. Capitol proved Rev decision making process at the top of this article you... The same can not be an isolated event California press has scrambled to get together the relevant facts reactions! Also say the saint defended the Native peoples from persecution the California.! ) Change in Roman Procedure without prior written consent of Catholic Online given... Earned him the title of Apostle of California California within 50 years and Pere Jacques Marquette S.J!