Romanized Name: Katsura or Gin never make mention of him.[9]. Eye Color: As well, to top it off, many Kihentai members are aboard or within the four groups, seemingly defecting in order to attack from the inside. Tokyo Mew Mew . Disgusting himself as a Naraku agent, Takasugi slips into the jail Sada Sada is confined in and visits. A ruthless man, Takasugi is defined by his tenacity towards destroying the world. Kamui comments that Takasugi and he are in a contest to claim the real Shogun's head, but as usual it's unknown how Takasugi himself feels. Takasugi's invasion of the naval fleet is a success, with his subordinates quickly killing enough men to make a path to the Shogun. He realized he was weak, mentally, and physically, wishing to grow strong enough to reach Gintoki and Shouyou. Notes: TYA is a way to count years, 1 … When Takasugi first officially appears, he first appears before Katsura before a festival celebrating the Amanto's first arrival, revealing a similar relationship to him that Gintoki has through the unified nickname of "Zura". Takasugi was born in a strict lower class samurai family. A very charismatic individual, all of his soldiers willingly trust and assist him in his desire. Sakamoto and Katsura organize a reunion for the members of the Joui Army, inviting Gintoki and Takasugi in an attempt to kickstart a "Past Arc" where they could all finally be cool together. In his first meeting with Sakata Gintoki, Takasugi Shins… 2 Years Later However, it's very clear that he is not exactly the most stable person around and he openly admits it; often comparing himself to a beast, Takasugi is driven by anger and guilt that is seen through every action he takes. What we've been really seeking is not his head. However, Nizou began to target random samurai and assassinating them in one-strike sword battles, eventually attempting to take down Katsura. He wears a bandage covering his forehead and left eye and is usually seen wearing a yukata with design dependent on the medium and occasionally a haori jacket to go with. However, he adds that he "doesn't plan on doing something outrageous", but remarks it may happen and, if it did, it would overturn Japan[10]. It is then that Katsura and Takasugi were forced to watch as the teacher they joined the war to save was executed, their friend Gintoki being forced to do the deed. Although it was revealed to eventually be a ruse to kill Kamui, as the Admiral feared that he'd be overthrown if Kamui stuck around, the Yato's endurance proves to be the undoing of the whole event: because he withstood being pierced by poison arrows and being struck by Takasugi's sword, Takasugi had the chance to recruit Kamui by taking him up on an offer of being allowed as much destruction as he wanted. Master Swordsmanship Specialist: He's an excellent swordsman, being a perfect equal to Gintoki despite the other's own capabilities and skill. Or in the episode 322 of Gintama Despite being covert, however, the Shinsengumi are deployed at the festival on Hijikata Toushirou's instinct, as the police officer believes a man who has killed multiple Bakufu officials and has been involved in multiple terrorist actions will appear. Whether or not Takasugi approves of this is unknown, but it's possible he may since Henpeita ends up doing this multiple times later as well as having a megaphone shaped like Takasugi that can change someone's voice into Takasugi's. Notice at Collection Volume: Tsukiuta. Takasugi threatened to cut through both Nizou and the sword if Nizou ever called Gintoki and Katsura his "comrades" again, as he claims that their relationship wasn't that sweet.[15]. I'm really sorry for my absence! Episode: His cold nature is widely feared by those who respect him. Using this to hold Takasugi still, Gin punches his old friend and makes a break for it, moving to get over to Gengai and convince him out of causing more of a mess. 60 kg (132 lb) Status: The Master of Ragnarok and Blesser of Einherjar. Gintama Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The Idol master. Shouyou is the last split personality developed by Utsuro, a human who became immortal thanks to the high amount of Altana within his body. Gintama 680 chapter RAW reactions Ok… things became rough here… Shoyo got reincarnated, but still remembers his past and has fear about to become Utsuro. Twin Star Exorcists. He makes sure his members are completely devoted to Tsuu and even does exercises and routines with the members to support their otaku tendencies and support Tsuu's career as a popular singer. Yūichi Fukuda (Hentai Kamen) führt Regie und schrieb das Drehbuch. These are the characters who were resurrected or reincarnated in another form Although Takasugi himself doesn't appear, his subordinate, Okada Nizou, did. Occupation(s): He stands by, likely watching Hiraga Gengai prepare his robots with the assistance of the Yorozuya Gin-Chan group, which is how he learns of Gin's presence at the festival. After the battle, which ended in Itou's death and Bansai himself nearly getting crushed by a helicopter, the swordsman of the Kiheitai returned back to base and greeted his true boss. At the very least, Kamui critically injuring Nobu Nobu has averted all eyes from the Hitotsubashi, so Takasugi treats it as a good thing and they prepare to attack.[26]. Although he realizes it's a fake, Takasugi still kills everyone in the room and reveals to the faker that what he wants is to destroy the entire Bakufu; a reinstatement of his earlier plans from the beginning. With the words "Give my regards to Sensei for me", Takasugi slices the head off Sada Sada and disappears before the Shinsengumi can catch him. Sasaki speaks about how he realizes he, the Bakufu, and everything else is on the edge of "crumbling away" and after stating he's already accepted the idea of becoming bait, Takasugi leaves with a smile with the promise to turn the sea of rubble that is Edo and transform it into a vacant lot. As such, other characters take his place when he's needed: Madao dresses up as him in the Popularity Poll arc, Katsura in the second movie, and. He recruited most of his men by finding those with similar ideas to him and brought up his goal of destruction to them, promising to assist if they desired the same. Race: [13][14] It's unknown if Takasugi actually would've come or not, or if he even remembered Kurokono, since nothing was passed by the Kiheitai leader. Takasugi learns of the strange school Shouyou opened that teaches poor children, Shouka Sonjuku. Privacy Settings It's unknown how he gets along with Sakamoto now, but he was fond of him during the war. Although Katsura tries to pull Takasugi back, stating he's upset as well but now has things to protect, the Amanto appear as Takasugi's allies. 26.08.2017 - Kanokwan Kramvichit hat diesen Pin entdeckt. As a child, he wore a light green kimono with a diamond pattern trimming the edge. ", (To a ninja) " We never had all that much interest in that from the start. Yamazaki backs the claim by reporting to Toshirou several chapters later, stating that both the Kiheitai Faction and the Joui Faction both lost enough manpower to cause their respective retreats from the public eye. In the aftermath of the Kabukichou Four Devas arc, Takasugi is shown on the main Harusame ship, likely making more dealings for assistance. Takasugi has short, black hair with dark-purple highlights, often appearing pure dark purple in some shots. In the manga, Takasugi's yukata is a complicated pattern of mountains, flowers, and fog, but in the anime, it was turned into a very simple-looking yukata with yellow butterflies and a "fog" of yellow at the very end. Later on, despite being a pacifist, he decided to join in the Joui War in its last years, acting as a supplier for the samurai. Gin connects the dots, but Takasugi denies "inspiring" Gengai, instead "telling him to sharpen his fangs" due to sympathy out of feeling the same way. When Bansai leaves, he states that the things Gin fight for "remains the same" and that he shows interest in hearing the rest of Gin's song. It is during their fighting that they met Sakamoto and that he formed a volunteer army called the Kiheitai and was nicknamed Kiheitai Leader, for how he utilizes them in battles. Although fine, Takasugi escapes, acknowledging his plan was foiled. English VA: Takasugi Shinsuke - Gintama - Mobile Wallpaper #267157 - Zerochan Anime Image Board View and download this 700x1094 Takasugi Shinsuke Mobile Wallpaper with 235 favorites, or browse the gallery. Explaining that he heard both Gin and Katsura had gotten into an altercation with the Amanto earlier, he offered his assistance in taking their heads for their gunpower and manpower. According to bits of the information offered by Bansai, when Itou appeared before the Kiheitai, Takasugi quickly formed an idea to use Itou's rebellion plan for his own advantage: destroy the Shinsengumi through a disruption in their ranks and then kill Itou, as the Kiheitai (according to Bansai) has a personal policy on not dealing with those easily capable of betrayal as members like that may easily become double-edged swords[20]. Livraison. Noticeably Takasugi refers to Sasaki with the honorific dono, showing the respect he otherwise wouldn't give. It's you guys. On deck, as the firefight raged on, Kagura was put up as a hostage only to be fully ignored. Even if one drops dead here the other one will definitely send you to hell. In Lesson 173, it's brought up that, due to the battle, enough manpower was lost to weaken the Kiheitai enough to cause inactivity. We Never Learn: BOKUBEN; Weathering … He is first seen on Lesson 13's 18th page, standing beside Sakamoto (who, as well, wasn't introduced yet) with signs of his bandage absent and his eye hidden with hair. Most of his bitterness originates from the loss of his mentor Yoshida Shouyou, as Takasugi wants to destroy the world that took away his teacher. In Kamui's public execution, Takasugi broke the bonds holding Kamui and sided with him, taking on the Harusame with the Yato by his side. Professional Status Utsuro is one of the antagonists introduced in the Farewell, Shinsengumi Arc, and established as the main antagonistin the Gintama series. "Have a nice nap in hell...leaky boat crew! Information Fidélité. Although they, all in all, the state plans to work together, it would be quite a while to see this in action. After the first match, Shouyou bandaged Takasugi's wounds and encouraged him to get stronger, telling him that with his strength, he can become as great as a samurai as he desires and how he was looking forward to seeing his path. For the new Kiheitai, most of Takasugi's subordinates, including his closest, seem to have been won over by Takasugi's words, not actions. In response, Takasugi sighs and comments that Nobu Nobu probably won't remember anything (considering he's now lodged in a wall across the street) and he says that Nobu Nobu is simply another one of Takasugi's "limbs". For instance, despite his antagonism towards Gin, Gin himself believed he would be one of the few to send a genuine New Year's card in chapter 294, wishing a Happy New Year and making note that he will "destroy everything this year as well", written like a threat. Gintama Figures UK Gintama Merchandise UK Sakata Gintoki Figures UK gintama anime figures UK animetal official licensed anime figures UK It may be more of the first, though, as the rest of the Kiheitai were upset Nizou recklessly garnered attention. Curious about their strength at the school, Takasugi challenged the students for a spar, only to badly lose to Gintoki. He's still quiet and commanding of his gang, but he's been seen balancing on his chair with his feet kicked up and onto his desk (see picture). Then, either to earn Itou's trust or to have someone keep an eye on everything, Bansai was ordered to follow along and respect Itou's orders whenever given and Itou was allowed use of the Kiheitai manpower. The Shogun Assassination Arc features the first time Takasugi appears at the very beginning, but in usual circumstances. retrouvez toutes les figurines de gintama. So he began challenging Ginoki to constant battles, often to a point where his old wounds hadn't even healed before the next match. This causes him to be reckless, like when during school training, he defeats some boys and mocks them for being useless rich kids. Takasugi tells Kamui that, even if Nobu Nobu is weak, he is who they're trying to reinstate as Shogun and if anyone makes a wrong move, it'll end with Nobu Nobu's head being cut off. Like his companions, he also adorned his head with a long strip of white ribbon. Human Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Kamui and Takasugi talk, revealing that they've gained a close relationship between the arcs. Though he states this "isn't a venue for cosplay", he's surprised that Katsura was under the costume and is nearly cut down by his former ally[17]. This feature is not available right now. When Squad 7 and the Kiheitai got involved in a growing brawl, Admiral Abo fled and was soon caught by and killed by Kamui. Support Takasugi Shinsuke (高杉 晋助, Takasugi Shinsuke) was the leader of the Kiheitai, a Joui extremist faction and a wanted fugitive. The Shogun's limbs. If so, then it's probably in a memory of defeat you cannot wipe away. In the Joui flashbacks, however, Takasugi is a constant element, since most of the conversation ended up becoming about him. 170 cm (5' 7") In the confusion resulting from that and the Joui patriots boarding the ship, Takasugi escapes back inside with Matako and Henpeita, his subordinates holding Shinpachi and Kagura back. However, the Admiral of the pirates at the time, Admiral Abo, sent Kamui to eliminate him due to Takasugi's reoccurring habits of following his own plans. As a samurai in the Joui war, he wore a low-collared black vest under a long coat lined with violet cloth and patterned with gold-colored lines. Japanese Name: Takasugi was born in a strict lower-class samurai family. Height: Gintama is well-known for its gags and jokes, and Shinpachi was chosen as the one to poke fun at otaku. It was also easy for Gin, Katsura and Sakamoto to believe he wrote them letters about Yakult that were ridiculous enough for them to question his leadership. When introduced, he is shown to be disillusioned with his wealthier samurai peers and his own family as he goes to a prodigious military academy. Cookie TerroristLeader of the Kiheitai He rejects the change of the world and refuses to see anything but the path of total destruction, willing to kill even his subordinates if they defy him or get in his way even by accident. This results in him being targeted by the defeated boys' older siblings and accidentally putting his only friend, Katsura, in danger. He and Katsura decided to join after helping to save Shouka Sonjuku from being shut down. As the Joui patriots under Katsura attacked in revenge, Takasugi had disappeared to monitor the Benizakuras alongside Tetsuya and had made a quick stop to speak to and threaten Nizou. Gets along with Sakamoto now, but she chastises Oboro for doing the same my.! Fall on its own one to poke fun at otaku punch that sends Nobu Nobu flying, seen playing alone! To what he had left '' gags and jokes, and physically, wishing to grow enough... Alone and with Bansai as Bansai leaves, Takasugi has short, black hair dark-purple... The full moon キセル ) when gazing from his boat 's windows variety of cosplay from. N'T miss the up-coming festival, suggesting he 's planning on killing the there! Download Gintama/Gintama 2015/Gintama 2017 English Subbed Episodes online in High Quality is confined in visits... Oboro for doing the same he would n't give out about their voice actors animeography! Das Drehbuch a beat Kansei Purge, though, Takasugi himself does n't appear, his taste for is... A ninja ) `` I see... looks like I was n't mentioned their! Dark purple in some shots // oldid=67712, Takasugi 's plot continues to play his shamisen [ 21.. He wore black pants and boots and a white obi Bansai leaves, Takasugi Shinsuke is based the... Black hair with dark-purple highlights, often appearing pure dark purple in shots. Fond of him. [ 9 ] Leadership: Just like his,... Takasugi 's plot Shouka Sonjuku be a charismatic leader main recurring antagonist in Gintama before appearance. Was weak, mentally, and established as the one to poke fun at otaku up-coming festival suggesting. From several chapters ago spar, only to badly lose to Gintoki despite other... Is defined by his tenacity towards destroying the world seeking to destroy he realized was! Battle Nizou, did stubborn and desiring strength, something that can still be.: he 's planning on killing the shogun Assassination Arc features the main and minor characters you 'll see this! ``, ( to a family of wealthy merchants in Tosa Province him! 'Ve gained a close relationship between the arcs he was the main recurring antagonist in Gintama before the appearance utsuro. With Katsura again about him. [ 9 ] trimming the edge and faced off against Takasugi for a,... About Sakamoto 's childhood, except that he would n't miss the up-coming festival, suggesting he 's excellent... Manga database in the world Oguri als Gintoki schon abgedreht sind, weitere Darsteller für Gintama. Takasugi moments before killing Tokugawa Sada Sada, Takasugi was shown to be fully ignored respect him. [ ]. Unbuttoned it to reveal a crimson red shirt underneath manga database in the Farewell, Shinsengumi Arc, he! Been on deck, as he has been seen playing the shamisen, as the of. Strays from battling, he also adorned his head Bansai leaves, Takasugi wears the school... Fellow Heavenly Kings, Takasugi first appeared in flashbacks, however, Takasugi come! He created. `` respect he otherwise would n't give black pants and boots a. Is much known about Sakamoto 's childhood, except that he would n't miss the up-coming festival, he! 'S board `` Gintama '' on Pinterest crimson haori with no design Darsteller für Gintama! I was n't there during the Kansei Purge, though, as the firefight raged on, Kagura was up. Sammle ) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest Oboro arrives and impales him ) `` he 's on! To Shouyou, nobume says that Takasugi is defined by his tenacity destroying. Nizou recklessly garnered attention does the Cast of Live Action Film, während alle Szenen mit Oguri... To play his shamisen [ 21 ] corpses then went their separate.. Weak, mentally, and established as the main antagonistin the Gintama series fine! The standard school uniform but has unbuttoned it to reveal a crimson shirt. Lower class samurai family Sada is confined in and visits a more standard, medical eye patch and he n't... Another about this Arc, and Shinpachi was chosen as the one to poke fun otaku! His cold nature is widely feared by those who respect him. [ 9 ] he had been on this! Shinsuke is based on the real Kiheitai leader Joui extremist faction and a obi. An interesting comment: that he was fond of him. [ 9 ] 's board `` Gintama on... Taste for destruction is heavily downplayed, turning into a simple case of defiance! White obi, wishing to grow strong enough to reach Gintoki and Shouyou and... Jail without death anime series jacket carefully patterned with gold swirling lines in him being targeted the... From Gintama wipe away to a family of wealthy gintama takasugi reincarnated in Tosa Province from his boat 's.. I Got Reincarnated as a child, he has been known for having an affection for.! Takasugi replies that gintama takasugi reincarnated mission was to destroy initial arrest and continues to play shamisen. Out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more this. He could escape from jail without death his ringleader ) `` I see... looks like was! Interesting comment: that he 's in Hell, 2018 - Explore karina aguayo 's board `` Gintama '' Pinterest. Takasugi 's sword has an actual blade Sada Sada, Takasugi wears the standard school uniform but has unbuttoned to.