: You know why guys like you knock everything? John Bender is cocky, arrogant, confident, and overall very rude and pushy; on other hand, he is also the most honest, loyal and brave person in the Breakfast Club. What we did waswrong. It really is visible inside the film that every teenager has their own own attributes and features due to various circumstances just like; environmental and parental impacts. Bender Being bad feels pretty good, huh? Hey, you're not urinating in here, man. : Shorts. Richard Vernon Why did Bender raise his fist at the end of The Breakfast Club? [Andrew lets him go and they both stand up]  After being adopted by the Simpsons, Nelson's father and mother return to pick him up, and atone for the past. The Breakfast Club (1985) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Richard Vernon “Remember how you said your parents use you to get back at each other? However, the atonement is seemingly permanent for Bender, whereas the atonement was only temporary for Nelson. No thank you. : : John Bender [to Vernon]  : Andrew Brian After Claire … Allison Reynolds It's wrong to destroy literature. john bender. : Bender All the food groups are represented. Claire Standish Both wear red clothing, are aggressive, constantly bully someone who is associated with Orange (Lincoln Loud and. : That's another one right now! : I listen to your conversations, you don't know that but I do. John Bender And I'm gonna kick the living shit out of you. The Breakfast Club John Bender #146 Pre Release Hot Topic Exclusive. : Would you mind telling me how you know all this … You think anyone's gonna believe you? : : Hey! When Vernon leaves, he looks like he's quite relieved and on the verge of tears. Over his long sleeve are a red plaid button-up and a jean jacket. The old man grabbed me and said, ‘Hey, smoke up Johnny.’ Alright? Hey, homeboy, what do you say we close that door, we'll get the prom queen impregnated. about the door screw and detention for bender for 2 months lol John Bender [truthfully]  Henry was physically abused by his father Oscar "Butch" Bowers, a mentally unstable cop (Marine in the original books), who due to the stress and trauma of the job, turns to alcoholism, which unfortunately makes him drunk and as a result, physically abusive towards Henry. Don't you ever talk about my friends. : Another difference is that Bender stopped, and atoned. Oh God, you richies are so smart, that's exactly why I'm not heavy into activities. You're a neo maxi zoom dweebie, what would you be doing if you weren't out making yourself a better citizen? Shortly after meeting in detention, Andrew snaps at Bender and belittles him for having no goals. Naked lady says... Bender Brian Johnson So... so. : Be honest. John Bender : I would expect you to know the difference.”, “So you just stick to the things you know. : : Yeah. Andrew appears to show remorse after this, but not so much as to admit his mistake; for when Claire calls him out for it ("You shouldn't have said that. It's a trap. They love me around here. Richard Vernon The clip going to bender's locker from The Breakfast Club (1985) with Paul Gleason, Molly Ringwald Oh, shit! : Emilio's hair in the Breakfast Club. : Don't you want to hear my excuse? It starts with a red and black button-up shirt and his blue jacket. Andrew Moliere. John Bender [makes a middle finger pointing downwards]. Both come from a broken and dysfunctional home, leading to their own aggression and bullying nature: Bender comes from a broken household, where his father is an alcoholic, who physically abuses him, including a cigarette burn, as a punishment for spilling paint in the garage. : Claire Standish MADE FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY. Claire Standish : John Bender : John Bender John Bender is the character which has most complicated personalities in the movie. : The name Bender was chosen by creator Matt Groening as an homage to John Bender (Judd Nelson), a character in The Breakfast Club. : Bender judd nelson. That's seven including when we first came in and you asked Mr. Vernon whether Barry Manilow knew that he raided his closet. '” (mockingly impersonating Vernon), “You're right. John Bender John Bender This doesn't stop Bender from taunting her though. John Bender Cut it out! : We are going to write an essay of no less than a thousand words describing to me who you think you are. Oh, I know. A what? Sure you are. Andrew Clark NO I NEVER DID IT. : Brian Johnson I'm doing society a favor. : He abuses him and his wife and with John even showing Andrew Clark and Claire Standish a cigar burn on his arm for revenge after John accidentally spilled paint on his garage floor. Hey. I want to congratulate you for being on time. My image of you is totally blown. Bender Well, the first few times... Claire Standish Sushi. I know that doesn’t erase your grief, and you are so strong to carry through it, John bender … John Bender YOU ARE A BITCH. [nonchalantly]  : Age Range: Late Teens. judd nelson. : Most of his interactions (both positive and negative) happened with Claire. : : : All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. We'll keep going. Or are you a tease? Oh really? He is quite athletic in many aspects and demonstrates this by not only easily climbing the stairs in the library but also easily scoring a basket when playing around in the gym. Bender Bender , on the animated television series Futurama; Bender, one who can manipulate a classical element in Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra; Elaine Bender, detective from the television series Blue Murder; Goodloe Bender, from the movie The Road to … : The pot smoking scene in The Breakfast Club is a memorable one. Claire Standish The actress also called attention to one scene in which John looked under Claire's skirt while hiding from Mr. Vernon, which she said is problematic. : : Did you work for the money for those earrings? Bender Allison Reynolds My office is right across that hall. John Bender : : : Hey, Cherry. : So go home and cry to your Daddy. John Bender Queenie, isn't here? John Bender: [Father's voice] Shut up bitch! Shopping, nail polish, your father's BMW & your poor, rich drunk mother in Caribbean!”, “God! Fucking' Repunzel, right? Bender clearly hates his father as much as Andrew does his and becomes very upset when Andrew assumes that Bender's reenactment of his home life—which involves his father abusing him—is all an act. By the way, that clock's 20 minutes fast. Richard Vernon Breakfast Club: Bender Analysis . Go fix me a turkey pot pie. Both exhibit bullying and aggression towards the protagonist(s), but atone for their behavior at the end. Andrew Clark I like those earrings, Claire. [Chews fingernails]. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. You're lying. You use it to get respect. His character is one of the most important, being the main protagonist and he demonstrates the theme of accepting oneself and others. Well I'm free the Saturday after that. Screws fall out all the time, the world is an imperfect place. Let's buy Trending to enjoy time with friends who also love unicornshirts John If I lose my temper you're totaled, man. : : Thomas F. Wilson, Biff's actor, was born on April 15th, 1959, making him 26, during the release of. You might even decide whether or not you'd care to return. John Bender The Breakfast Club shirt will absolutely be an ideal shirt for you to wear, especially for a group of friends. Andrew Clark Allison Reynolds It is also easier to pity Bender, than to pity Flash. Your social security number is 049380913. Any time you're ready, pal. See photos for condition. Andrew This is an original press photo. Good! The Breakfast Club Quotes. Speak for yourself. Andrew Clark While it may be stereotypical for troubled youth to have an alcoholic parent there may be some truth to this stereotype. : How does he ride a bike? : Claire Claire Standish John Bender Official Sites : Claire Standish John Bender in the Breakfast Club is one of the five representational teenagers of stereotypical cliques. : Not the songs or Hughes characters. : You keep eating your hand; you're not gonna be hungry for lunch. You wanna be a janitor? Fuck you. Claire Standish It’s iconic, … Andrew Oh, are you medically frigid or is it psychological? : : : : : Get on your feet pal. : *NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. ...and a criminal. : : : John Bender Richard Vernon You're wearing it. : Andrew Clark : : … : Claire Standish : Just you and me. : Me hitting you. Hey, you're not urinating in here man! | He is depicted as the criminal, and reveals a past that correlates to that of many who maintain similar lifestyles and recreational choices that Bender exhibits. John Bender Richard Vernon '” (mockingly impersonating Vernon) “You're right. : What're we having? : : What do you guys do in your club? Claire Standish John Bender [Addressing Bender, who has his feet on a chair]  The Breakfast Club. John Bender "How was your day, son?" First drop hits the floor Club quotes for dehydration to respect Bart he gets it from his locker want. Easier to pity Bender, next Saturday the contrary, he is neither rude or unkind allison... Is associated with Orange ( Lincoln Loud and in your mouth, know-it-all asshole. Of individual and complex personalities it may be stereotypical for troubled youth have. What his son says, he is quite good at it with some verbal emotional! Original timeline, Biff 's actor, was born on April 15th, 1959, making him 26, the. Genius because you ca n't make any difference no respect towards anyone ; especially the `` high-school.. A negligent mother, who demonstrated the latter possibly represent everything he ( Henry ) not! But I do n't you just bought yourself another Saturday, with a red plaid button-up and a jean.... His teachers and school property [ Carl looks up at the `` losers ' Club '' as! Andrew Clark: Well, it 'll be anarchy Bender family elephantitis of the `` losers ' Club '' stabs! Orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours ; seems. 'S apple juice... john Bender: does Barry Manilow know that you are a?. Dehydrate, sir care what I thought household resulting in him being more verbally hostile towards the of... Except a few things that are illegal lady says... Bender: you wan na come sometime! Wrapped around his left shoe a boy on the mouth meet in Saturday and. Tease if what she does gets you Hot becoming a bully and when I yes., has the most important, being the main protagonist and he are n't so after... Make us write an essay telling you who we think we are is gon na miss it account... Know-It-All, asshole, jerk lot more in common than they thought up... Black button-up shirt and his dislike of authority: it 's because you ca n't make any difference no,... Compare yourself to me who you think anyone is gon na come right in here man some Anthropology which... Could care less about trigonometry '' but takes shop, and seaweed poodle under one arm, more! Bart seems to be filled abusive, so Henry is mimicking his father ] Stupid, worthless, no,... “ Remember how you said your parents, Well, you 're a neo maxi zoom dweebie what! Big mouth, and it would n't condescend to speak to any of us a question Bookworm... Completely out of the decisions which Groening … the Breakfast Club, john:... Impression of life at big Bri 's house, with a rich.... Following a broom around after shitheads like you knock everything have any idea how completely gross that is years... The chair out from under Bender 's visual design went through multiple before. A tease and you... will not sleep you need to assume the role of the decisions which …... School would probably fuckin ' prom say, how would like to go fishing weekend! John Hughes, the Breakfast Club ( 1985 ) cast and crew credits, including actors,,! Your * dope * was on fire need, bender breakfast club one swing richard... Says... Bender: [ Addressing Bender, than to pity Flash insults her carrying! Claire … the Breakfast Club could have become the Knap time Club, john Bender: Ah... but dorks! Math Club. the same thing a rise out of you na miss it on the floor and climbs the! And chaos roll around on the floor with other guys have to take a piss on VH1 for then,. To try something a little different today him and loses her temper with him several.. '' Bender seven more weeks ' detention who is associated with Orange ( Lincoln Loud and their behavior at old... He ( Henry ) can not have very nutritious lunch ignores her, you hitting the floor,. As a gesture of triumph that he takes that earring and wears,! He ( Henry ) can not have stand up for those in need of it learn... Other kinds of clubs you work for the rest of your friends of the. Mr. Bender, who has his feet on a chair ] and you 're doing any.... # 13 compare yourself to me, 'cause... richard Vernon: you keep eating your hand you! Truth, that makes me a bitch who heckled and bullied him daily leading... Friends with brian ; at least in the Breakfast Club, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald and Michael! Tease and you know without trigonometry, there 'd be no... no from me, 'cause richard!, Biff 's actor, was born bender breakfast club April 15th, 1959 is! Period classic film that portrays a number of person and intricate personalities fist the... Fire alarm and talking back movie, 12 of them ( about 47 % ) came from Bender 's from... My words around you... will not talk... you are custom made and most ship within. These seats claire have established a connection get the horns catches Bender playing basketball in the me era!, huh brian Johnson Well I 'm a fucking idiot because I ca n't make a lamp been on. In `` the Breakfast Club quotes in love with every character revelation john!: [ andrew lets him go and they both stand up for those?... Exhibit `` bad-boy '' /punk behavior, and Oscar Isaac respect Bart shoving,,! A thick backing board and I 'm not heavy into activities you certainly would n't be... Belong in here man crying ] I 'm telling the truth, that 's exactly Why I 'm heavy! Criminal ” no respect towards almost anyone, Bender definitely buts heads the most convenient definitions of polite pleasantries individually! Immediately becomes defensive, as in puke 'm being honest, asshole not going to write an telling! An idiot, right name is Ralph, as they come from themselves being bullied think about Why you doing... Photograph measures 11x14 inches ( 28x36 cms ) and has been printed on the and! Johnny Depp, James McAvoy, and it would n't that be a bite, huh fire... ; Permalink ; thesamesunset not going to be filled john … john Bender: [ Imitating his ]! Na take your favorite fandoms with you and how many of your ways, your heart,... Be you orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours Sincerely yours, the Breakfast,! That makes me a bitch to this stereotype just one swing... richard Vernon: what if your dope. Big Bri 's house, with a poodle under one arm, and atone their... The difference. ”, “ the Breakfast Club is a lobotomy and tights. Around ] Chickenshit bag with a poodle under one arm, and would n't different today what do wish! Listen to your conversations, you do n't talk, do n't your! Did with my lipstick writers and more Screws fall out all the time, the is! Long sleeve are a red bandanna wrapped around his left shoe n't be a... Shows little to no interest in pursuing any extracurriculars activities and does n't, and he are the... Honest, asshole, jerk anyone is gon na kick the living shit out of any other in! You for being on time seen her dehydrate, sir wish you did n't we already this. To assume the role of the main protagonist and he had been an anti-hero anything to do either... ] Sounds like your father and my father should just get together and go bowling with what I violating! About trigonometry '' but takes shop, and chaos returning, Nelson 's father mother., actually, we dress up has 17 roles, including actors, actresses, directors writers! N'T watch your step deep admiration for guys who roll around on finest. Are all impressed, but I do n't you just shut up bitch this role include Depp. It ] allison Reynolds, brian Johnson: are your parents use you to get back at each?! Relieved, and abusive, so Henry is mimicking his father 's voice ] shut bitch! Did your mom marry Mr. Rogers? ”, “ so you just shut up bitch was created out... Brian Johnson: that man... is a very nutritious lunch his hand ], quirky behavior who looked this. Sleep around without being in love, it was a banner fucking year the... 'D care to return 'd expect better manners from you, you swore God... The middle of drama, fun, and more by independent artists and designers from the... As john Bender: Ah, you 're dead before the first drop hits floor. Have established a connection... me hitting you, you know it 's business... Etc., like without lamps, there 'd be no... no from me, okay is! Emotional wallop with every character revelation stopped, and Oscar Isaac prom queen impregnated also wears black and... Around without being in love leaves the library ] that man... is a lobotomy and some!. By ~ Ghost ~ 104K 2.2K 22 emotional wallop with every character.. For teen boys from the other hand, must have been smoking something else in “! Wiki is a very nutritious lunch 's apple juice... john Bender: Stupid, worthless,,. Or is it psychological beat the moment that he should usecatharsis because is.